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Please note that the contents at were not created by me (Tobias Jung, the owner of – they were created and released into the Public Domain by Paul B. Anderson.
I’m just hosting them in order to keep this great resource available to the public.

Currently, I’ve applied no changes at all (save for the comment you’re just reading and the references list below) to Anderson’s original work of 2004. It will probably not behave well on mobile devices. Sorry about that.


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Note by Tobias Jung:
I have removed the links that no longer lead to the original target (marked with ✝); I updated links to resources that nowadays are available at a different URL (marked with *).

Current arrangement in the manner of Snyder. 324 Graphics, created and released into the Public Domain by
"Paul B. Anderson" <> [A member of the International Cartographic Association's Commission on Map Projections]